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Analysis of the czech republic power complex:

Jan Vondráš, General Director; Petr Vaněrka, Deputy Director
Invicta BOHEMICA, s.r.o., Senovážné nám. 23, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
Tel.:+420224142109, fax:+420224142108, e-mail: vondrasJ@invicta-bohemica.cz

Monitoring developments of individual power market segments, mainly the power producers and distributors as a set of information and consulting services for top management of power companies, financial institutions and Governmental authorities.

1) Introduction

The company Invicta BOHEMICA was established to provide analytical information and consulting services mainly for the power sector, but also for areas closely connected to the power industry - Governmental authorities and financial institutions - banks, auditors and insurance companies.

The company was founded in 1998 as a reaction to the needs and requests of the developing and changing power environment in the Czech Republic. For their decision-making, top management need topical information such as bench-marking (about other companies in the industry and companies from the field of other power resources) and evaluation of the existing developments in the Czech Republic and abroad.

2) Main targets, Orientation

To produce a market analyses, we were regularly identifying the main management requests for missing or non-up-to-date or unavailable information on the market:

A. In the bench-marking area, the requests were for:
- analysis of the company position on the market (size, meaning, regional position)
- technical and production analysis
- ownership structure analysis
- financial analysis, comparison with other companies

B. In the area of evaluation of the existing and future developments of individual segments - they were mainly the issues of price developments, power consumption trends etc.

C. In the area of legislation changes - the issues of the next market liberalization and integration of the Czech Republic legislation with EU power market, regulation of heat and electricity.

Therefore, we concentrated on these main areas as the basis from the beginning. Our target is to make the results of the projects available to all co-operating companies and Governmental authorities in the form of both printed and electronic products updated during the year.

3) The content and structure of products:

Monitoring of the entire fuel and power complex in the Czech Republic is extensive and requires to sort the companies both according to the power segment and company size for the purposes of comparing the information provided.

Therefore, we split the monitored area into projects connected to each other, forming a general view to the Czech Republic power industry.

Project I: Meaning power producers and distributors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

ČEZ + 8 electricity power distributors
Transgas +8 gas distributors
heating companies over 100 MWt installed output (Teplárna Ústí)- IPPs
corporate power companies over 350 MWt installed output (Energetika Chemopetrol)
mining companies (OKD)
oil industry - producers (Česká rafinérská)
Slovakian electricity distributors

Project II: Regional power producers and distributors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

commercial heating companies under 100 MWt installed heat output (Žatecká teplárenská)
corporate power companies under 350 MWt installed output (Energetika Spolchemie)
town distributors (Zásobování teplem Třinec)
Slovakian heat companies (Žilinská teplárenská)

4) Options of product use:

Our products allow the power companies, Governmental authorities and financial institutions to make:

- comparing financial analysis
- comparing technological and production analysis
- analysis of competitive resources
- credit risk analysis (financial sector)
- ownership relation analysis and identification of ownership groups on the market


- serve as the materials for power generals
- as sources of information for development conception planning
- as sources of information for investment activities
- as sources of information for marketing activities in supplier-consumer relations
- as information on the company position on the capital markets

5) Experience with collection, processing and evaluation of data on companies

To make sure the information we provide is accurate, reliable and up-to-date, we have to co-operate with individual profiled companies. With each company, we organize personal meetings during the year. We also communicate through the questionnaires we are sending, collection of annual reports and telephone data confirmation. We provide the companies with significant discounts from the product prices, including updates of individual projects.

6) Co-operation with governmental institutions:

We have gained an official support for our activities from important institutions and association in the industry such as MPO ČR, ČAPPO, GAS UNION.CZ AEE

7) Extension of services in the future

In 2006 we presented new project - electricity and heat industry in Balkan countries - Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. The project is fully in English version.